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Honoring Jewish Tradition

Sinai Chapels is a proudly independent Jewish funeral home, owned and operated for four generations by members of the Resnick family, dedicated to serving the Jewish Community. Sinai Chapels is a member of the two largest organizations of Jewish funeral directors, the Jewish Funeral Directors of America (JFDA), and Kavod — The Independent Jewish Funeral Chapels. We are committed to offering funeral services in keeping with Jewish Tradition.

Jewish funeral practices have their roots in the deepest history of Jewish tradition and culture. We believe that these traditions find expression through attitude and outlook, as well as knowledge and commitment. The traditional aspect of the Jewish funeral is guided by the respect we bring to the observances and rituals of our people.

From the time of death, through the preparation of the body, the prayers recited, the funeral service and the burial, we endeavor to help the mourning family reflect on the goodness and value of the life of their loved one, in addition to mourning a death.

In accordance with longstanding Jewish tradition and belief, we at Sinai Chapels have dedicated ourselves to helping every family get through this most difficult time in a compassionate, dignified and professional manner. As the family struggles to separate from a loved one, find direction to their grieving and ease back into everyday life through the rituals of mourning, we endeavor to affirm that we understand the precious gift that G-d has given.