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Whom Do I Call When Death Occurs?


"It's Difficult when a loved one died. But when it happens, you donut have to go through it alone. For four generations, Sinai Chapels has provided compassionate care to New York's Jewish community at their time of need. Sinai Chapel's attentive staff will handle every funeral detail according to your religious and personal preferences. They have modern chapels and a staff Rabbi to answer all of your questions. Sinai Chapels in Fresh Meadows, Queens; Providing compassionate care to your and your family."


If you are affiliated with a synagogue, your first two calls should be to the Synagogue or the Rabbi, to inform them of your loss, and to Sinai Chapels. Your Rabbi will assist with arrangements, answer questions related to Jewish funeral practices and tradition, and provide overall support and guidance through the stress and grief related to a death. Sinai Chapels will guide you through the practical arrangements of transporting the deceased and scheduling and arranging an appropriate funeral service.

If you are unaffiliated, call Sinai Chapels. We will assist you in making the funeral arrangements and engaging a Rabbi to officiate.