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This section is a general guide to Jewish customs and traditions regarding funerals, mourning rituals, and associated practices. There are many varying customs, and one should always follow one’s legitimate family or community practices. Always consult your Rabbi for personal guidance and to answer questions related to Jewish law, practice and tradition.

Part of the greatness of Judaism is the fact that it affords us concrete ways of working through our grief while, at the same time, allowing us to demonstrate our respect and affection for those, now gone, whose lives touched ours with love and caring. Most often, as we act on those mitzvot, we ease our pain and sadness as well. This article is by no means exhaustive. Should you wish to delve further into the customs and ceremonies described herein, please consult your Rabbi, or feel free to contact our staff Rabbi Michael P. Strasberg, Director of Pastoral Services.  He will try to answer your questions and advise you at rabbi@jewishfunerals.com.